The 3rd International Young Carers Conference

The 2nd International Young Carers Conference (held from 28th to 31st May 2017 in Malmö, Sweden) focused on the theme Every child has the right to…”. Stakeholders from different sectors and from across the world agreed that young carers should be able to enjoy the same rights as any other children and pointed out that the vision put forward by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is still far from being a reality for many young carers.

The 3rd International Young Carers Conference will build on these conclusions and will reflect on the concrete actions required to enable young carers to reach their full potential. The need to “IDENTIFY, SUPPORT, AND LISTEN TO YOUNG CARERS” are the main recommendations identified by young carers themselves during the previous conference and this entails the participation of a wide range of stakeholders.

Research, policies, practices, legislation and ‘first hand’ experiences around these main themes will therefore be shared in order to reinforce mutual learning among stakeholders and countries.

Participants are expected to learn about strategies implemented in different countries (what worked, what did not work, what can be replicated) to move forward in the classification of in-country awareness and policy responses to young carers (Leu & Becker, 2016). In so doing, we can move forward in our vision: one where young carers can fully enjoy the human rights they are entitled to.

The Conference will be co-hosted by Nka (The Swedish Family Care Competence Centre) Linnaeus University and Eurocarers.


Download: 3rd-international-young-carers-conference-draft-programme.pdf

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