Parental Psychiatric Disorder. Distressed parents and their families

Cambridge University Press, 3rd edition

Edited by:

Andrea ReupertMonash University, Victoria, 

Darryl MayberyMonash University, Victoria

Joanne NicholsonDartmouth Psychiatric Research Center

Michael GöpfertUniversity of Liverpool

Mary V. SeemanUniversity of Toronto

Parental Psychiatric Disorder presents an innovative approach to thinking about and working with families where a parent has a mental illness. With 30 new chapters from an internationally renowned author team, this new edition presents the current state of knowledge in this critically important field. Issues around prevalence, stigma and systems theory provide a foundation for the book, which offers new paradigms for understanding mental illness in families. The impact of various parental psychiatric disorders on children and family relationships are summarized, including coverage of schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders and trauma. Multiple innovative interventions are outlined, targeting children, parents and families, as well as strategies that foster workforce and organisational development. Incorporating different theoretical frameworks, the book enhances understanding of the dimensions of psychiatric disorders from a multigenerational perspective, making this an invaluable text for students, researchers and clinicians from many mental health disciplines.