The runner

Who provides a break for those taking care of mentally ill relatives?

The Runner, a new film by The National Family Association promoting Mental Health in Finland, takes a stand on the demanding nature of family care. Everyone needs a break from time to time, family caregivers too. When a family member becomes mentally ill, it affects family life in many ways. Over 400,000 Finns, including children and young people, care for a relative who is mentally ill or suffers from psychological issues.

Those taking care of mentally ill relatives go through many different emotions; fear, sadness, guilt, and anxiety. Usually the responsibilities within the family must be re-allocated. This complicates the work of the caregiver, and often causes financial problems, stress and fatigue. The majority of caregivers are doing valuable work without a day off or financial support, and only 3 percent are eligible for family care assistance and support services. This leads to carers feeling isolated and lonely.

The runner - video

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