My Blue Box is a collection of projects, resources and information dedicated to children of parents with mental illness, as well as parents themselves. In addition, it is a tool for professionals who work with them. My Blue Box is also a window to Italy and Europe, on initiatives that support families in which a mother or father, or occasionally both, are experiencing a mental disease. My Blue Box is, above all, your "prevention tool", a compass that helps guide you through tough stretches.


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It takes a village - Oslo (N)

‘It Takes a Village’ international conference explores the ways that we [...]

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The 15th International Research Training Seminar in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The 15th International Research Training Seminar in Child and Adolescent [...]

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Parent en souffrance psychique: quelle place donner aux enfants et à la parentalité?

Depuis plusieurs années, le Service de psychiatrie générale est [...]

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Early Intervention

Early Intervention is a Finnish resource for professionals of evidence-based interventions to support children and families. Early Intervention is designed to disseminate information...

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Who can help Jesper?

This is a tool for people who work in kindergartens. To help them both to know more about the conditions for children in families with substance abuse and/or mental illness and to help...

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Parenting with success and satisfaction

This is as summary of the three self-help workbooks for parents with psychiatric disabilities.The workbooks are developed by Cenzor/ Lentis (voorheen GGzGroningen)(The Netherlands) and...

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'Who Cares?' Project

There are an estimated 2m young people in the UK significantly impacted- by parental mental illness and who exhibit symptoms such as anxiety, depression and social isolation(Social...

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Kidstime workshops

Kidstime workshops are monthly multi-family social and educational groups of 2.5 hours, sponsored by a variable collaboration of health, social care, and voluntary staff, which are...

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