The Board

A Communication Sciences graduate, she is passionate about writing, foreign languages, web and social networks. She is Communication Assistant for Contatto NGO Association. Her primary focus is in mental health prevention and since 2010 she has been active at a national and international level as an advocate, conference speaker and trainer of professionals working with young caregivers and/or families in which one or both parents are suffering from a mental disorder. Since 2017 she is the President and Founder of the Italian not for profit organization COMIP, "CHILDREN OF MENTALLY ILL PARENTS", created by and for daughters and sons of parents suffering from a mental illness. In Italy, she came up with the idea of launching a national web portal on this topic. She now helps with the creation and management of My Blue Box. 

A psychiatrist, he is the Director of ASST "Valle Olona" Mental Health Centre in Saronno (Varese - Italy) and is a CIPA Psychoanalyst. He has been working in the mental health services for 30 years with a special attention to developing social inclusion pathways (user and caregiver associations, Peer support, Social Housing and Employment). 

As a professional who has worked in the Italian judicial system, she views law as a tool for humanity. She served an unforgettable period as President of Milan's Juvenile Court, during which she earned the epithet “mom to Italy”. Her attention has always been directed toward social commitment, and nowadays she actively follows initiatives at an international level, as well.

She is a child psychiatrist and a therapist by training and is currently a professor emeritus in research. Her early fascination with the human mind and children led her to child psychiatry. Curiosity in research and her determination in changing society stimulated her to promote child mental health. In Finland, she has been heading a large development, research and implementation program focused on the intergenerational cycle of parental and family problems, including mental health, substance use, crime, poverty, and refugee experience (The Effective Child & Family Program). Her work has brought her together with families from many walks of life: She hopes they have benefitted from the interaction as much as she has.   

A psychologist and psychotherapist, she has worked in the psychiatry field for many years and is the manager of the "Semola" Project, for risk prevention in children of parents with mental illness, which is run by Contatto NGO (Milano - Italy). She enthusiastically creates and maintains contacts with national and international organizations that deal with this topic. She is the co-inventor of My Blue Box portal.

A psychiatrist, he is the manager of a local Mental Health Centre in Milan (ASST “Grande Ospedale  Metropolitano Niguarda”). He has worked in the psychiatric field for over 25 years. Thanks to his long experience at the Milan's Juvenile Court, he oriented the Centre where he works to a sensitivity and awareness on themes related to the protection of children.